Saturday, August 04, 2007

Father and Son Day Out

Last week-end, your dad took you to a one-day-cruise to Pulau Ayer. The trip was organized by the Jakarta Toastmasters Club #4067, where your dad serves as the Area Governor.

In case you were wondering why I did not come with you and your dad, here are the reasons.

First, I’m not too keen on traveling by boat. I would enjoy the breezy wind, but since I don’t swim, I might feel uneasy every time the sea gets a bit rough

Second, I’m not so much of a beach-type-of-a-person. I’m not too crazy about getting a sun tan, or riding a banana boat (for a very obvious reason!)

Third, I would like you to spend more time with your dad, without me. So it’s kinda father and son day out

Fourth, I also want to have some time on my own, catching up with my good buddies that I haven’t seen for months

Anyway, it seemed like you really enjoyed the trip, you met a new friend - Rayhan - and won several prizes from the games they organized during the trip. And you were so impressed by the Phinisi that took you to the island. So I guess it was a good day for all of us.
Picture of you and Rayhan, with Phinisi as the backdrop.

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dad said...


It has been a great experience for both of us. I am very proud of you.